Wednesday, August 17, 2011

state of the union

I haven't felt real chatty this summer. The summer study has focused on the role of conflict in life and life has obliged by sending lots of conflict life lessons upon which to practice. Conflict may be a must-have for a good story, but I continue to think it's overrated in one's own life.

I could be wrong.

Meanwhile, out in the garden, I've harvested the two volunteer melons. One turned out to be a cantaloupe, the other, a French market melon of some sort I'd bought a while back. I never saw either vine or melon when I planted them two years ago. It either stealth-bloomed and ripened, or that is one long germination period!

Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. I picked it too early, worried about the cracks in the rind, and it did not continue ripening off the vine. It was pretty, though.

The cantaloupe was delicious.

As usual, the kitchen is infested with tomatoes. They sit on every surface, reproachfully. The cucumbers are approaching double digits outside. I'll have to bring them in today. Is it possible to make marinara sauce and cucumber vichyssoise at the same time?! One long day in the kitchen. . . .

Luckily, the king is on progress today, so I can work on the alto parts to Mozart's Requiem to my heart's content! September 11th we will mark the 10th anniversary of the death of so many that day 10 years ago, with a memorial singing of that work. It is a beautiful piece, which weaves its way into the warp and weft of your soul, somehow. I don't worry too much about which bits Mozart wrote, as opposed to other bits cobbled in by pinch-hitters after he died. But I can imagine him [Mozart] being overcome to tears by the beauty of Lacrimosa. . . . .

Here it is - although you have to listen through the Confutatis before you get to it. You'll know when you get to it. Never fear. But first, a little conflict. . . .