Thursday, April 15, 2010

violas and tulips - fall and spring

These are the prettiest violas I think I've ever seen. I chanced to buy two small plants last spring (from Homestead Gardens down the road) and had enough forethought to save some seed pods. One plant survived the multiple multiple-foot snowfalls this winter, and started blooming in the front pot as soon as the snow disappeared. I discovered several progeny manfully leafing out in the gravel below the front pot!

I dug them out of the gravel and divvied them up between the two pots at the front door. Then I dug out the seeds from last year. Even the seed pods are pretty! I need a whole lot more of these guys around; I've sown them everywhere.

My new motto: violas [and violets] welcome here, anywhere. Even in the strawberry pot! (and yes, I found one peeking out from one of the strawberry pot holes just the other day.)

In other garden news, remember the tulip bed plan last fall? Here's what it looked like at the height of bloom. Looks like a bowl of candy, doesn't it? Credit to the king for the descriptive phrase and the queen-mum for the idea to begin with! We'll be doing that again, let me tell you.

The deer, squirrels and mice appear not yet to know how tasty tulips are. . . .

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Q-mum said...

SSSSSHHHHHH! Don't you know that deer and mice have ears??? Good grief, what if they heard you?