Friday, December 26, 2008

. . . on Christmas Day in the mornin'

Start the music (click in the center on the arrow) and it will play as you read and scroll through the pictures below. It's one of the songs we sang around the dinner table after the meal (while the 2 'grown-up' boys of the king got an attack of the giggles - grin!)

Christmas Day has come and gone already - but what a day it was!

The early morning sun before the day really got going was spectacular. The light was green and golden.

Here's just an assortment of pictures of some of the characters who assembled at the Greenwood.

Luther is missing his tartan bowtie, by the way, in case anyone comes across it.

For those of you visiting from A Simple Yarn, yes, every houndstooth scarf you see is part of the wonderful stash we commissioned from Cheryl. . . .

See how perfect?

Here's a close-up of the one for my brother.
Now, more people:

On Christmas Day in the mornin'. . . .

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