Wednesday, May 6, 2009

general trenching

Words of wisdom from Michele at Garden Rant:

1. Plant asparagus, even if you don't think you'll be here for the harvest, and

2. When planting asparagus, "I didn't follow the usual directions, which generally recommend some absurd trenching and digging program and planting the crowns in sculptural fashion on a mound well below the soil surface. It's one of my basic principles as a gardener: Never trust anybody who tells you to dig deeper than a shovel's depth. I suspect that deep-digging is like Scientology, a cult of self-betterment for the gullible. Here's another of my basic principles: The longer the list of instructions, the more worthless the advice."

Wish I'd read this a couple of weeks ago. . . .

(yes, we trenched. But hey! It wasn't me. That's got to count for something. Sorry Steve.)

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