Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Nope. Not Luther. Luther had company. That's Lilli! Here they are together. You'll see the difference readily. Lilli's the blonde. . . .

Luther likes blondes.

Here's Lilli and wee Eron. I like to call him Enron. Too many business ethics case studies, I imagine.

He's a perpetual motion machine. Oh - and a barker! He doesn't much like Luther. Not yet, anyway. He's leery of him, so he barks. Luther gives him his space, so you won't see any pictures of the two of them together. By the end of the day, they were [mostly] peaceably co-existing. In separate spheres of influence. Enron's a cutie, isn't he? I'm thinking he'll eventually grow into his head [and feet] - right now it looks like a full-grown shepherd's head has been photoshopped onto a puppy body. Here's Lilli again. With her ball. And here again. . . . with her ball. And yet again! with the ball [far right]. . . . Enron [front & center] getting a lesson from daughter-in-law Susann.

And finally, with Luther: "If you don't put that ball down. . . . ." "Hah! Ya gotta catch me, first!"

And now, a bit of a repast. Slainte!

Luther spent the next day in bed. Exhausted.


Dave Marble said...


Margaret asked me how Luther was doing. I told her I'd know in a second, and then proceeded to the blogspot. Sure enough, there was L with Lilli and Eron.

Glad you all had a great holiday!!


Lee Anne said...

Barley envies Luther his green paradise. Gravel yards take some getting used to...

luther said...

Barley and Co. are cordially invited to come visit,
p.s. we does have some gravel here, too. Great fun to race through where the humans like to sit, and make them cover their eyes and drinks, as the stones fly! U come; U see. Bye.

queenie said...

We did indeed have a lovely weekend, B'u, thanks! Greetings also to Margaret - hope to see you soon.