Monday, June 15, 2009

from the garden

OK, so the the failed garden isn't as complete a failure as I'd thought. Imagine my surprise to see these on the admittedly spindly vines! I was going to photograph the difference between the ones from the greenwood garden [no sun] and the ones from my dad's garden [sun] - but I couldn't tell the difference. If anything, the ones from the greenwood garden are maybe a bit more tender. . . . believe it or not!

Also in the 'failed garden', this beautiful climbing rose. It's so perfect, it almost looks fake.

Amazing, isn't it? I went out to look one last time and found all these peas, the roses, and an actual tomato - still green - growing out there, in the shade. Maybe not such a failure, after all.

Guess that means I'd better weed it. Who knows what else I'll find?!


Kentucky said...

Looks like beautiful home you are building. Howmany square feet of living space? We have approx. a 40 acre farm in Kentucky. Stop by when you get the chance. Hope to post photos of our home and property tommorow. Again nice home. Darrell

Joyful said...

Gorgeous.....and remember, there's no such thing as a failure in a garden; just some things that like their place better than others. Joyful