Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In the words of the song - Storm - "there's a big storm comin'. . . ."

We watched it from under the porte cochère.

Luther was unfazed by the thunder and lightning, which was a relief after his scare the day before yesterday by a crack and a clap of thunder that came out of nowhere. . . . Very alarming. I have been hoping that he will not develop a fear of thunder and lightning, though. To that end, we do not react to the thunder or lightning, and did not respond to his fright the day before yesterday by trying to 'comfort' him. Luther settled down and all was well.

I have seen - and heard - of so many dogs that become intractable during thunderstorms (or fireworks), with devastating results. One former neighbor had an elaborate system worked out, involving as many people as they could enlist, to ensure that their dog was immediately visited in the event of an unexpected thunderstorm. So long as there was a person there - any person - apparently she'd be fine. No person, however, and she would start in on the woodwork, ripping off all the baseboards, windowsills and even the windows.

I don't know whether we've done something right in how we've handled it with Luther, or whether we've just been lucky in Luther's temperament. Maybe a little of both. But we did start early! I recall now, that the day - and day after - Luther arrived, I made sure I was home with him during the Blue Angels annual show here in Annapolis. I sat next to his crate with him, with a book, and read during the whole thing. He looked up when the loud jets first screamed over the house, but eventually settled back down for his nap.

Boy did it feel good to "clear the air"! Nothing does that quite like a storm.

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