Monday, August 3, 2009

blackened corn and seed savings.

With every tomato or aubergine we eat, a scrape of pulp and seeds goes onto a paper towel to be dried and (if we like it) saved for next year. So far, our favorite (by far) is Long Tom tomato. . . . but we still have the Cour di Bue to try, and the Black Zebra, not to mention the Genovese Costoluto!

The Romas have been a bit disappointing. . . . and the Jaune Flamme a bit tart. . . . I understand that the Jaune Flammes are good for drying, though, so we might try that.

I dislike aubergine, but the Fairy Tale ones pictured above (it turns out they're supposed to be small) were a huge hit with the king! We'll be growing them again, for sure, if only because of their beautiful colouring.

Here is a great thing to try: grilled corn on the cob! Pull back the husk (leaving it attached at the bottom) and clean off the silk. Wrap a piece of bacon (BACON!) around the cob. Smooth the husk back over the corn and tie. Grill at medium high to high. Yes, the husks will char, and some of the corn maybe, too. Not to worry - it adds flavor and it's delicious! bon app├ętit.

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