Wednesday, August 19, 2009

take two. . . .

OK, so we didn't hear back on our Luther for Spokesdog campaign for Carol's Canine Cookies (c'mon Carol! Get that website up! There's link-clicks to be had!). I understand she's not terribly internet-savvy and only recently saw the internet campaign.

In the meantime, Luther made his way through all the cookie rolls, the banana-fanny's, the cheesy-fanny's, and the sweet-potato rolls. Then, he munched his way through all the training treats (smaller versions of the former). . . . We were in a desperate situation! So I got cooking. How hard could this be?

I'd never thought about bananas in dog biscuits before and - luckily - I had 2 or three reaching that spotted and blackened skin phase of perfect sweetness! Online, I found several basic dog treat recipes, and I went to work.

Behold, Luther's LĂșnasa! If you look closer, you can see the secret ingredient. Is that. . . . yes, I think it is . . . . it's. . . .

Luther does a little dance every time he gets one.

Meanwhile, I have just gotten word that there are more Carol's Canine Cookies enroute, via an elaborate friend-of-friend delivery system, that takes them from Virginia, to Delaware, and thence to the queenie mum's Maryland residence and - eventually - here, to the greenwood.

I smell a blind taste test in the offing. I wish I had a video camera!
LĂșnasa is an ancient Irish celebration in August, characterized by music and dancing! Also, the name of a popular band these days. You can read more about it here and, for the band, here.


queenie said...

. . . .to be fair, Carol's smell a whole lot better than my first attempt at treats. . . . I blame it on the garlic powder I was persuaded to put in by one recipe I read. (I modified freely, and nowhere was there a banana-bacon combo, with - or without - garlic! So that's original, anyway).

On the other hand, Luther practically assaulted me yesterday while I was sauteing some garlic for the first batch of tomato sauce destined for the freezer! So I'm thinking he might like it. . . .

Aaron H. said...

Queenie, My name is Aaron and I stumbled upon your WONDERFUL blog while Googling "Porte-cochere". I am looking for home designs that incorporate a porte-cochere and your home is the most beautiful I have found! If you are willing, would you please share with me the name of your architect and or info on where I can get a copy of the floor plan?
By the way your tomatoes look awesome! Mine did not do so well here in Arkansas, too much rain and cool weather.

Thank You, Aaron H.

queenie said...

Thanks Aaron! I've sent you an email. It's hard to find or design a house with only one or two bedrooms that has much detail - as we discovered. Most of the pre-done plans had at least 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, holding/keeping rooms, great rooms, spas, theatres, pantries, butler's pantries, bars, exercise rooms - it started sounding like a hotel! (and who could keep up with the square footage?)

For anyone reading over my shoulder here, I heartily recommend the book by Sarah Susanka, The Not-So-Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live.