Saturday, January 23, 2010

pre- and post Christmas - The Quilt

In the entrance way of the queen-mum's beach house there used to be a tacky banner printed with sea gulls and sea shells that said "Welcome to the Beach!" It was a jarring presence in an otherwise serene house. I didn't quite know how to bring up the subject until she finally took it down this fall.*

"Where'd it go?" I asked. "You know, I never really did quite
like it. . . ."

"Neither did I!" she answered. "It was supposed to be a little banner to hang outside, but then 'himself' never got the bracket to hang it, so I thought I'd just hang it here in the hallway to remind him, but then it just stayed there for 3 years. . . . I finally got tired of it and threw it out."

Aha! That explains a lot. I didn't think I had so completely lost touch with her tastes. . . .

The wall remained bare.

I made my plans, and hoped she wouldn't find something else to put up, in the meantime. Could I get it done in time for Christmas? Here it is, under construction: An Indiana Puzzle or Monkey Wrench pattern (it's known by both names) - a quilt hanging.

It was done by Christmas and basted together, all ready for a flight to the islands and vacation-quilting! I wrapped it up - with hanging bracket - and put it under the Christmas tree. It then came with us, after Christmas, on vacation.

Here is is, on the chaise, mostly done. Surprisingly, it looks great in Avis and Frenchy's house, with their wonderful, vibrant colours! I would not have expected that.

I love the sense of motion that this pattern has. The inspiration - perhaps you can see? - was the meeting of air, sea, sand, and
clouds. . . .
*my apologies if this was a gift from someone who ends up reading this. As a banner, I'm sure it was a fine banner. As an entryway tapestry, however, it left a teensy bit to be desired. . . . In memorium, though, I intend to embroider "Welcome to the Beach" on the back of the quilt. Or maybe in small letters around the border. There. Better? Oh, and I'm not at all sure that she really said she'd thrown it out. . . . I just said that because it sounded better. More definite. Writing is all about being definite, you see. That is all.

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Joyful said...

I'm glad you added your mea culpa; since it was a gift, and it wasn't really 'tacky', just inappropriate for the inside of the house since it was meant to be a welcoming banner for the outside! And no, I still have it and am still waiting for the hardware to be installed outdoors. What? When hell freezes over? Probably.
xoxo Q.M.