Monday, February 8, 2010

snowmania, snowmaggedon, snowpocalypse!

Twenty nine hours of straight snow. . . . punctuated by late night thunder and lightening (which I apparently slept through), resulted in almost 3 feet of the white stuff here at the greenwood. Day three dawned bright and clear, with a cornflower blue sky. Did I mention cold? I should have. It was crisp!

The dig-out from the blizzard of 2010 had been commenced the day before at the height of the storm. I now realize the wisdom of this approach from the last storm (just before Christmas) and was a much more willing participant this time around. Before I gave out, I helped clear a path to the right side of the house (generator and heat pump) and then on down the hill to a toilet spot for Luther. The snow is so deep, he can't squat to do his 'business'! (and for a long-legged dog like Luther, that's deep.)

The king, meanwhile, went around front to the other side of the house (the other heat pump) and started a trench out to the Jeep which he had positioned at the end of the driveway up by the road. He's amazing. My hero!That's the Jeep at the top of the photo - still covered over. Talk about a good idea! Ludwig (my car) should have fallen in behind il Trukko. As it is, I don't know when I'll see Ludwig again.

The good news: we didn't lose power. Almost 50,000 in Maryland did - and even more in Washington D.C. We also have plenty of food and it's just gorgeous here.

Here's Luther in the trenches. The bench is recognizable only from the back. Who knew 10 feet from the road could be so far?!!! Next time, even a bit closer, I'm thinking. . . .

Did I say next time?!



There are reports of more snow starting tomorrow.

But back to this snow. It's heavy. And dense. One works up a sweat pretty darn quickly! By the way, to date, the greenwood receives no compensation for posting product photos. . . . although we would have accepted a case of this stuff. Time for a break. Not that any one could have delivered it to us today. . .

Here is the one exception to the rule "Don't eat yellow snow":
the beer slushy! Luther loves them. That's why his face is buried in the snow in this shot, he's going for the beer (he's partial to scotch-dipped fingers and ice cubes as well, especially if it's a single malt, peaty sort!). And no, we don't give him enough to piss off the pet activists - so stow that thought (and lecture) right now. We're talking about a dog that, left to his own devices, will eat dirt, sticks, rocks and entrails, so don't be giving us as hard time about a thimble-full of scotch. Or beer, as the case may be!

Sorry. I'm still recovering from the news about PETA's latest target: replacing Punxsatawney Phil with a robot.

I hope they don't ever take aim on Luther and force him to live "naturally", outside, in the snow, without his fake fur dog bed and rakish red collar! After a long day playing in the snow - his bed is all he's interested in. He tells me he will take exception to anyone with different plans for him. I'm hoping that he won't take exception to the peanut-butter-wheaten-oat-crunch-bones that are in the oven for him!*

I don't care if PETA approves or not.

*post forthcoming. . . .

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Meadowlark said...

Saw you looking for slate tile, but for the record, PETA doesn't want him to live outside "naturally", they want him to live indoors with all the benefits and rights as any other human.

I think they get confused on the lack of opposable thumbs and the fact that he's NOT human, but who's to quibble.

Peace. :)