Monday, August 11, 2008

Countdown - minus 12

Counting today, we're scheduled to move in twelve days. Can you believe it?

No. Me neither.

No plumbing fixtures or appliances; lighting fixtures are on-site, but not installed; no mention of carpeting; a lot of bookshelves to be built, stained and sealed; another coat of paint; no electric switches or switchplates; ditto plugs; dining room floor to go in and then both wooden floors to be stained, sealed, and tung oiled (several times); bathroom tile work needs to be finished (although Steve-tileman worked all weekend and was making a good dent in the master bath); slate tile to be finished; all to be grouted. . . .

And then there's all the outside work still to be done: wing walls, final grade, cut driveway, spread and roll rough gravel in prep for the pea gravel; trim stain; window and door tune-ups and touch-ups; downspouts; garage doors; debris clear-out & seed/straw; install slate on steps; do something about the concrete floors in the garage and studio (they're polka-dotted with stucco blobs).

Add to this, the fact that many of these jobs are mutually exclusive to doing the others. You can't be sawing and building library shelves while you're trying to stain and seal the floors. Neither can appliances come in when you're working on floors. . . . Painting precludes wiring work; grading complicates delivery of appliances and fixtures. . . .

So what does Tom-builder do? He went on vacation last week. Then his foreman had surgery towards the end of the week (he assures me it was minor and that he's all better now . . . and I am glad he's ok).

I think I'll go on vacation this week.

Well. Maybe not. I have too many plants to dig up and get moved. The good thing? It's slated to be under 80 today. Woo hoo!

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