Monday, August 25, 2008

meanwhile, outside. . . .

help has arrived for the garden.Steve takes a break, breaking up the hardpack for a bit of a holding garden for all the herbs that will be making the move with us.
Here it is after two days' work, me digging stuff up; him transporting and planting!

There's lots more to go, but we had to wait until we thought the little guys would be pretty safe from the depredations of the earth-movers, shakers, pavers, gravellers and over-seeders.

I think that time has come. Now all I have to worry about is getting water out to them. Oh, and to decide whether to take our hostas into harm's way - where they face decimation by deer - or leave them here, where they've limped along for the 3 years we've rented.

Possible - but not certain - death by deer? or continued decline in darkness and drought?

Not exactly a moral dilemma, I guess. I'll see how hard they are to dig up and if they resist, I'll leave 'em behind.

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