Monday, August 11, 2008

my bad

Eleven days (?!) since my last post. I have no real excuse, except that there's not all that much more to see.

Yes, the slate floor is now finished in the living room - but still not grouted.

The wooden library floor went in - counter-sunk face nails, and all.
As you see.

Now, for the dining room.
One wing wall is mostly finished.
The mason [note the intentional use of the singular] was last here sometime last week, when I got this picture of him working on the other wing wall. He hasn't been seen since. No final grade [read: "No hope of getting plants in."] until the wing walls are both done.
After a potential disaster in the kitchen [you don't want to know], we're expecting a new cabinet in a few weeks, but the countertop has been templated [per picture below] and is scheduled to go in tomorrow.I have been assured that the errant cabinet will "slide right in." And that would be in the vacant spot to the far left in the picture.

Stay tuned.

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