Monday, September 15, 2008

other first things

The first gift-plant to arrive, from girlfriend Cindy. It's a camelia, and has languished all summer in its nursery pot, on the front steps of our rental house. I've been afraid to trust it to the workboot-clad workers out at the greenwood, not to mention the ubiquitous little front-end loader & earth mover.

With the arrival of the gravel for the courtyard, however, it seems most of the tough work outside is done. Now my tough work begins: where to plant the thing?!

Several attempts to dent the ground in what will be the front garden failed. That soil is going to need serious rehabilitation!

Plan E: something's got to screen that ugly electrical transformer. . . .

The soil is rather nice.
It'll take him several years - no doubt - but the anticipated 6 foot height and 3 foot spread should nicely obscure that ugly box. Eventually.First plant in.*

woo hoo!

[p.s. - I just got notice that the second gift plant[s] - hundreds of daffodil bulbs from the queen-mum - have been shipped. The gift certificate arrived months ago, "to be shipped at the proper fall time for planting." It's been hard to wait. Harder - still - to imagine planting them all! I'm going to do a Tom Sawyer, though, and get all my friends to help me. . . . Should be fun! Especially since we'll be working in the edge of the forest line, where the soil should still be relatively unscathed from the construction debris and hardpack. I don't know how I'm going to make a dent in the soil that is to be my garden. ]
*not counting the temporary holding garden Steve put in for me a couple of weeks ago, of course. . . . All those guys are going to need to go into their permanent spots at some point as well! (First, though, I'll have to figure out how to break up that garden soil, not to mention turn it into something I think a plant might have half a chance in. )

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