Monday, November 24, 2008

new word; new lips

Who needs lip injections when you live with a rambunctious deerhound?

Much as I love Katherine [Marg Helgenberger] of CSI fame, her lips just look funny these days. I had assumed she was 'plumping up' with some sort of injection. But who knows, maybe she got a deerhound!

Luther gave me a similar look this morning.

Here's the formula: one ball, one rambunctious deerhound, and one owner reaching down for the ball at the same time rambunctious deerhound is delivering the coup de grâce to said ball. [The coup de grâce, by the way, consists of rearing up and then landing - stiff-legged - on the object in question].

Position human and hound head in close proximity just before the rear-up, and - voilà! - fat lips.

It was easily and neatly done, at no expense. No muss; no fuss; no needles. Argal*, Marg must have a rambunctious deerhound in her life. You see, this is a whole lot easier than plastic surgery, not to mention less embarrassing to explain.

It hurts, though.

What's that quote about pain and beauty?
"The pain passes, the beauty remains."
[attributed to Pierre Auguste Renoir]

Here's hoping those lips don't remain. . . .

*the new word, of course.


Jennifer said...

Labradors can perform the same service as well. I know from where I speak...

the queen said...

Ah! and I see you have TWO of them!? eeeek. . . .

Welcome to the Greenwood, Jennifer.