Thursday, January 22, 2009

here is the culprit

No, this is not the big-boy bed. This is Luther's Christmas-present bed, which (feeling momentarily sorry for him) I dragged into the bedroom for him. Then I remembered the ferocity of the attack on his other bed, came to my senses, and put it back in the living room where he gets supervised visitation with it.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of Luther's brother, Buck.

See that, Luther? Buck looks rather more regal and well-behaved than your disreputable self. Buck's just won a "major" - and is well on his way to becoming a champion just like his mom (Treasure) and dad (Lear).

Buck would never trash his big-boy bed. . . .

Let it be a lesson to you, Luther!


Jennifer said...

Oh, man! Comparisons to siblings and parental guilt...
Pressure's on Luther!

PS ~ what handsome boys.

queenie said...

yeah - I keep telling him the pressure's on him, but he just keeps jumping out from under it. He's irrepressible is that boy! grin. What a lovely lunatic.