Saturday, January 3, 2009

leaf piles revisited

It's been several days now, but the gratuitous leaf piles remain. I finally got a picture of them today. Here, the one outside the studio.
Here, the one outside the dining room.
This is the pile in the courtyard.
I promise you, these piles were not made by human hands. It's wierd to see something so 'precise' after such a violent windstorm. It reminds me of the example I've heard given of random evolution being like placing all the parts of a Boeing 747 in a field and expecting that, in thousands of years, a working jet could be standing there.

In any event, the roof and gutters are leaf-clean and here's a big picture of the three piles. The third pile is hard to see - it's in the shadow through the porte cochère. You have to walk under and through the arch to be able to really see it. Yep, probably much like what I was describing in my last post about the one pile of stuff we still have to sort through.

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