Wednesday, January 28, 2009

first snow

hmmmm. check this out. Is that snow?!
Yep. Snow.
Here are the woods and the Lutyens bench in snow pointillism.
The corvids arrive.
Which Luther notices.
"Hey! This stuff is pretty cool!"
"You can run in it!"
We're talking run!!!!
". . . . well. . . . maybe a little tired. . . ."
"ah c'mon. . . . do I hafta go in?"
"Oh all right. . . ."

Meanwhile, I've braved the ice and snow of the east coast and made it to the west - where considerably warmer temperatures (and sun) prevail! Home Saturday.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What great pictures of your big puppy! My dogs love the snow also. They run, and run. Snouts to the ground the whole time. It's so fun to watch.

Have a great trip and enjoy the warmer weather!