Tuesday, May 20, 2008

he's here!

His name is Luther.Because he said so.
What's that?

No. That's the way my ears came. Rakish, don't you think?

Welcome wishes now being accepted. His Lairdship Luther is taking a nap. It's been a long day. . . . and he still has the "official" meeting with the cat to live through, and any moment now the Blue Angels can be expected to do a brief fly-over in lieu of their usual practice for the big Naval Academy graduation show, since it's raining. . . .

Thank God for small miracles. A two hour journey by car, farewell to his mother, "home" with two strangers, a hostile cat and loud aerial acrobatics right over the roof top - all in one day? I'd be under the bed, too.

Sleep tight little Luther.


Joyful said...

Yep.....he is indeed a Luther! And just as handsome as his Irish namesake, Luther of Lismacue! Welcome home.....and you're getting to look more like Beggerman every day. Just a few more gray hairs and you'll have it down pat. Can't wait to meet you. Love, your Grandma

sheryl said...

He is really cute! Can't wait to hear how the meeting with Diana goes...

Patty and Paul said...

He is perfect....Let the fun begin.....looking forward to our first meeting.....He will always make me think of Lismacue....Can't beat that!!!!!

Janet Porter said...

As Luther's birth mom, I'm so glad to see you are settling into your new home where I'm sure you will be so loved and cherished!! And such room to run around!! Enjoy!

Janet Porter
Deerhounds d'Lux

B'u aka (Man of War) said...

He's so cute!!! A true chip off the old block of B'man.

People will blog on the Greenwood just to see pictures of "da boy."
Remember -- at least one picture a week! :>