Wednesday, July 22, 2009

canine cookies?! canine cookies. get 'em while they're hot!

Luther would like you to know that he receives absolutely no compensation as spokesdog for Carol's Canine Cookie Rolls (website still under construction).

That's because he isn't the spokesdog for CCCR, although he would like to apply for said position. He'd be a handsome spokesdog, well-spoken.

Remuneration could be in the aforesaid Cookie Rolls - which he'd never tried before last week - but which, after just one smell, he fell head over paws in love with! I've never seen anything quite like it. He didn't gobble the Roll, he inhaled its aroma. He licked it. He gently nibbled at it with his front teeth. He inhaled the aroma again. He finally bit into it and chewed - really seeming to taste it, savoring and enjoying it - and licked up every crumb and looked around for more.

Here's a picture. Carol had sent a bag of assorted cookie rolls (I have no idea what kind they are, but they all smell delicious!) and another bag of wee training treats for Luther through the queen-mum. I took one crappy picture with the business card, which didn't really turn out, but the information is Carol's Canine Cookie Rolls Home of the original Banana Fanny Roll", Carol Beatson, Owner/Executive Chef. They have a web site address, but (like I said) it's still under construction. Bummer! (Carol, go to Blue Oryx Simple Solutions for a quick, easy and inexpensive online sales presence, with shopping cart! No, I don't get a commission there, either. . . .) But for future reference, the Canine Cookies website will be here. In the meantime, written on the back of the business card: "To Order, Please Call 571-313-8284"

Sorry. No clue on cost. Ours were free. FREE! ["CAROL! Please send more cookie rolls, please!" - Luther howling, there. . . .]

It's a diabolical plot. Send free cookie rolls and get 'em hooked on the things. Suddenly the old Milkbones don't look so good any more. . . . They smell like saw dust.

These things look like you could have them with a glass of wine. Not that I did, but I did think about tasting them. But I didn't. Luther loves 'em, and I don't know when we'll be getting any more. If every one of you reading this calls Carol and orders Carol's Canine Cookie Rolls, telling Carol "Luther sent me", perhaps she'll send more. And tell you what, if she sends more, Luther says he'll share.

Course you'll have to fight him for them. . . . He is over the moon for the things. And there's not that many left. . . .

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