Friday, May 21, 2010

first root

From seed, I eventually learned what was vegetable and what was weed. Here, these left are definitely vegetable. What is that hint of red? Radish. Is it full-grown already? Yes. Look at this! Like red marbles. It was delicious! I do hope we get more than one at a time in future, though. In other small beginnings, these are the melons. Wait'll you see them in a week or two.

Post-script - June 25: For a reason unknown to me, this pictured radish - and one other - were the only radishes [radishi?] I got. The tops continued to grow - but nothing else! One plant did develop a bit of a root but was horribly woody and so spicy-hot I quickly spat it out.

The rest of the radish tops were summarily pulled and composted.

So there.

But does anyone have an idea why this would have happened?! Help, please. . . .

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