Sunday, July 11, 2010

children - baptism vs. 'dedication'

No, I will not be writing a theological treatise on this subject.

When photographer Michael Shakespeare Gregg gets some photos together I will add a photo or two of the spiritual subjects in question: Joshua and Joseph, two tykes who were dedicated [if not baptized] this weekend on a beach in Delaware. They are adorable!

The event required a liturgy, which was not that easy to find. At least I found it difficult to find a liturgy that was reflective of a Biblical understanding of what we were doing, and managed to explain it to those who do not have much Biblical background. (That, and not be all formal and so ritualized that no one actually hears what's being said!)

Much of it had to be written from scratch.

Anyway, here is the document, which may be freely used or borrowed from: Liturgy for child dedication baptism Several people had asked where they might find a copy. I hope it may be of use!

Notes: we split the talking up (in the document you will see roles for two speakers by ink colour). Also, about half way through, the kids started squirming. . . . Depending upon your subjects, you might not want to bring the child up until the "by what name will this child be called" part!

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