Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Means War!

Everyone knows that deer won't touch tomatoes. So what are those green globes littering the landscape in my garden?! Right. Tomatoes.

Apparently no one bothered to tell this year's crop of fawns that they don't like tomatoes. They pulled down just about every green tomato on the plants.

Here are the cloven footprints to prove it! And the little fawn-ey tooth marks. (and the little green bits of where they apparently spat it right back out again! The demons.)

If I'd caught them in the act, there would have been violence, no matter how much they look like Bambi! As it is, I've gone through an entire big canister of cayenne pepper and have cracked open its replacement canister. In some good news, the cayenne is also discouraging Luther's occasional nibble of leaf. The deer also ate the carrot greens, which reminded me to check the carrots again. I found this guy - who looks like he will take up arms with me to fend off the deer. Oooh, they're in trouble now!!!

Meanwhile, I actually had to buy tomatoes yesterday. We won't have a ripe tomato for another couple of weeks.


SockPixie said...

You could set up traps made with circular knitting needles, and straight knitting needles would pop up when they stepped on a particular spot. Kind of like a knitting Indiana Jones!

queenie said...

The very thing!! Or else knit the tomatoes anti-deer jackets. . . . little flak-vests with pockets for a rocket flare repellant! [grin]