Tuesday, December 18, 2007

names and faces

This guy,
you know. . . .

I feel better just knowing he was there! If the inspector isn't looking out for us, the next best thing you could possibly have is a concrete truck with the Pink Panther on it. Ya know? I'll be out looking for his spoor. . . . That concrete's gotta be irresistible.

We've been really happy with the people who have been working on the house. Without exception - so far - they've been stellar. Rich - excavator-man; George, in charge of the concrete; we only met one of his drivers - neat guy, whose unusual name escapes me for the moment (it was something like "Mouse" - the king will probably remember. . . ); Charles-in-charge, who did the waterproofing and drainage tile and prep for the crawl-space slab; Mr. Purnell Jackson - ex-military - who was also in that crew.

OK - drum roll - we have new names & faces. Larry, Larry, and Henry - the masons. I'm so pleased to meet them, as they seem so pleased to be commissioned to work on our house! Yes - these are twins. Larry and Henry. (Larry on the right; Henry, left)

Here's the elder Larry, talking to the king. They'll be in charge of stone and brick work, and they seem to be excited at the scope and possibilities of the project. This is exactly what I'd been hoping and praying for. Craftsmen. In the professional sense of the word.

Gotta have steel.

This is the masonry block. It apparently forms a ledge that the brick and stone sit on. . . .

And let's take a look at the landscape again: the moon was out already yesterday as we left. (That's the little white dot in the upper left quadrant. Why does it sometimes look so far away?)

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queenie said...

It was Squirrel. The concrete truck driver's name, that is. Squirrel. Not Mouse. The king did remember.