Sunday, December 2, 2007

curing concrete

Well, we're taking the weekend off. Concrete is curing. Here's the front left corner, all poured up, smoothed over, and a snazzy line drawn down the middle of it with a two by four. Reason? No clue.

Here's the studio - another recognizable shape.

I think it looks like a houndstooth check. What do you think?

The 5 foot trench? We think it may have been an "oops". I don't completely understand how this stuff works, but I think the studio is slab on grade, whereas the house is over a conditioned crawlspace. So the house had to be dug down some 4 feet, whereas the studio should only have had the footers dug. I think. . . . I really don't understand! But check out this picture below, where you can see where the 5 foot trench intersects the front left corner of the studio, and now there are footers on 2 levels instead of one.

I wonder how they tie this together, then? Just pour higher walls on that one side to get it all up to the same level? I don't know.

I guess we'll see. . . .

Meanwhile, here's a picture from down at the stream's S-curve - almost all the leaves are down.

And here is another view of Grand Avenue - looking down this time. The stream is all the way at the bottom - you can't really see it even with all the leaves down. Maybe especially with the leaves down! It carpets everything.

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