Wednesday, December 19, 2007

one wood, two wood. . . .

yellow wood, green wood. . . .

Things are moving a bit quicker than we thought. The "deck" is already going on! You can see the wood has arrived. Yellow and green wood for the decking.
Orange wood for the girders. I've never been big on orange. . . . . (but no one asked).
Not fair to say "you can tell when it's the king taking pictures" - because he ran out of batt'ry juice and had only gotten his detail shots in. . . . [you-know-who - and that would be me - had not thought to recharge the batt'ries after taking lots of big-picture pictures!) But if I'd been taking pictures, there would have been (1) a lot more overviews and (2) a picture of the front left corner, backfilled and all. He would have gotten to it, I know, but I would have started with it and then run out of juice (as it appears) before getting to the details.

Anyway - LOTS happened yesterday and today. Our front left corner is completely covered up. I'll get a picture [I hope] tomorrow. The deck is on!

Also: a termite bandit did some magic stuff and left a bill for $1,800. $1,800?!!!! Tom-builder had asked if we wanted magic anti-termite juice and of course we said "yes". (Do you want termites?! I do not.) No one mentioned it would cost so much, and require a yearly contract. . . . .


Then there's the magic "storm water management" pit in the back yard. That cost $6000. I think. I don't know what it is or what it does. Whatever it is, it appears to have been put in today, while no one was looking. So we now [apparently] have a pipe sticking out of the ground as "proof" that there is a "stormwater management" system underneath the ground. This, courtesy of our county government's new orders, which is recently concerned about inland storm waters. . . .

. . . . and I gotta bridge in Brooklyn they might be interested in. . . . . man. oh man.

Other than that, all's good. Working on picking out kitchen things and we inspected the windows & doors today. And decided which side they'd be hinged on. (much head scratching and trying to figure out prevailing wind patterns and forest buffers - we're nothing if not practical!)

The king's looking at fireplace mantels and I'm about to order the cupola for the studio - as well as finials.

Who knew there'd be so many choices to make?!

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