Tuesday, February 12, 2008

icy woods. . . .

If you look close, that's a very thin coat of ice all over the reworked wood roof on the studio. It wasn't as cold as yesterday, but it was wet, which turned to ice. Not a good combination!
The new crew (whom we haven't met yet) finished the roof - and got the raking done on both the roof and the studio. Yes, that's a new term for me: raked roof. That's when the roof kind of swoops at the end. . . Looks whimsical, I think. Tom-builder is ready to shoot it.
The hardest part of our visit today? Walking on the slickery construction gravel. Who'd have thought that heavy grade rock could get so slick?It took us almost 2 hours to get back into town. Apparently the main bridges and highways around town were all shut. . . . So everyone in town had come to a standstill trying to get out. There we were, trying to get into town, but held up by the gridlock of those trying to leave. And not a cop to be found anywhere. Or a sand truck - apparently the problem started because the bridges froze.

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