Thursday, February 28, 2008

those carpenters. . . .

they're so creative! This is the juice bar. A couple of handy two by fours affixed to a wall stud. Room for a couple of glasses. Work station close at hand.
Here's the drafting table. I imagine the plans live here - in a central location - all day, for ease of reference and conference. Put away now, overnight.The front steps get almost daily 'improvements'. . . . To wit: we now have steps, and not just a ramp. So no, that's not debris on the wood ramp (a bit of engineered joist left over). They're handy scraps nailed on, to give better footing. And check out the stake at the bottom of the ramp! No more going flying when the ramp goes a'surfing. Ditto at the top of the ramp: the recent addition of another joist remnant presumably to keep the front steps from listing either left or right. I only hope that each new improvement is not because of a particular mishap!

Yesterday, I couldn't find the wood ladder the carpenters had built - I wanted to photograph it, too, for this post. They now have about 12 metal ladders of various sizes, all stacked up and chained to the inside framing when they leave.

I hope this doesn't mean that they dismantled the old make-shift one.

I liked it.

Here's a picture I found from before the roof was on, that has the ladder in it. . . . A fine ladder, as you can see. It's gotta be around somewhere!

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