Wednesday, February 6, 2008

agonizingly slow. . . .

The fog has lifted, but the fog of miring construction details continues. There is little new to see, and this is frustrating.

You will perhaps notice that the very top trusses on the main roof are on. There are also some more plywood panels up, but not so's you'd really notice, and I'm not sure if they are in preparation for roofing, or to keep the [as yet unsecured] trusses in place.

Here's one development: steel rebar secured along the foundation walls of the garage floor, in anticipation of more concrete that remains to be poured. Unfortunately, not very exciting. But I guess we have to take what we can get, here.

As it turns out, there are three issues leading to what seems to be a 'slow-down'. Four, if you count weather, and Joe's conviction that it was certain to rain today. Anyway: 1. a problem with the roof trusses (and this is a multi-dimensional problem that I really don't want to get into, here), 2. although construction work is down, demand for the good workers is up, and Joe and his crews are much in demand (read: "He's got other jobs to do"), and 3. although pre-engineered trusses go up real fast, there's an awful lot of virtually invisible work that has to be done in order to secure them properly.

So that leads us to 4. - the weather - and since Joe was convinced it would rain (it did not, and it's almost warmer outside today than inside our rental sieve of a house), he worked on another [indoors] job and didn't book the crane for the greenwood. . . .

Meanwhile, there are no trusses at all on the guesthouse, courtesy of [one dimension of] issue 1, above. . . . I understand the "proper" trusses have now arrived, but [see item 4.] no crane, so they are stacked up somewhere, hopefully separate from the improper ones.

The thing to do for today is just to take a walk in the woods and forget all about construction details. Tomorrow is another day. Tom-builder promises many workers and a big crane. Weather man says "colder", but "no rain."

Watch it snow.

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Ewa said...

I can see some progress :) cross my fingers:)