Saturday, July 12, 2008

the gray is just a memory now. . . .

By the time we get there today, I don't think there will be any coloured stucco remaining to be done. Here, you see they were finishing the studio yesterday.In the back, the first stucco applied has really faded back - to the point where I'm thinking that I don't want it to fade any more.
This, by the way, is Ebert: the man responsible for mixing the colour.
"Most people choose beige." he told me yesterday.

"I can see why", I retorted, "choosing this colour has given me sleepless nights, worrying that it would stay this colour!" We laughed.

Perversely, now I'm worried it won't keep enough of it. . . . [colour, that is]


a simple yarn said...

The nice thing is, it will have that faded-to-the-point-of-always-being-there look, rather than the stark-just-applied-stucco-colour appearance. Timeless, that's what you want...a timeless look, eh?
Very lovely.

queenie said...

right you are! "Timeless" - I mean - as being what we're after. But things are looking mighty new-fangled brand new these days, all persnickety spiffy and I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Beige. Maybe I should have chosen beige. . . .

I'll feel better tomorrow.