Monday, July 14, 2008

up to his usual tricks

My, what sharp puppy teeth you have, Lairdy Luther!I'm blooded and bruised, today. I'm trying to get the hang of making THE WALK fun for both of us, without turning it into a free-for-all.

Yesterday, I erred on the side of no-fun for either of us. Today, it was on the side of free-for-all. Fun for him, not as much for me.

Luther was a-leapin' and a-cavortin' and having a grande old time. Unfortunately, my shin bone and ankle bone took a bit of a beating, as -apparently - also did my forearm, as I discovered when I got home and saw the blood on my shirt.

I might have to get that spray-on tanning stuff. The purple, green and yellowish hues of the bruises of various past days' encounters are not a real good look for me.

Back to the drawing board. [fun for both of us is the desired result. remember.]

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