Monday, July 28, 2008

the great chicken conspiracy

OK - I am not making this up. Everywhere I turn, there's more info on backyard chickens.

More stuff on how cool it is to have chickens around - see This Week in Chickens at Garden Rant. What to do for vacation chicken care? Check out this article.

It appears:

1. They're not noisy
2. They don't stink
3. They're not much more trouble than the average dog or cat

So there.

Now. I wonder how hard it will be to find a couple that lay those pretty blue eggs?


B'u said...


Wow! The Greenwood is really coming along. Love the courtyard!! Hope everything is well with you guys, especially Torre.

joyful said...

Ask Martha Stewart....she has that particular breed (Ana....something or others; sounds like Anaconda, but that's a snake) They come in blues and greens......but I'm definitely still not in favor of raising chickens. They DO smell (the manure) and they are a lot of work and Martha once said she figured that a dozen of her eggs would cost about $76.80 if you figured out what she spent!!!!