Thursday, July 3, 2008

and the colour is . . . .

The stucco goes up today. I have to be there at 11 to direct the final mix of the colour. Above, you see all the mixes so far. We're thinking the darkest yellow is still just a bit too intense, but the next step down (at 75% - and that's the half-board farthest left above - and to the left below) is not intense enough.
It looks darker in this second picture, out of the sun, doesn't it?

The other thing [apparently] to keep in mind is that the colour will not be uniform, and that some areas will dry back a lot lighter than others. I understand that it doesn't dry any darker. . . . It's a very inexact process, and that's much of its charm! It can depend on the kind of water being used, the temperature, the amount of sunshine the day it's applied - all these things.

Well. . . . it's going to be a hot, sunny day today. So I'm thinking we're going to go as dark as I can possibly muster the courage to go.

Here's hoping the greenwood doesn't become known as apricot abbey.

In a side musing, it appears that there was a third option in the 'stucco vs. dryvit' sweepstakes. Surprise! We always wanted stucco; Tom-builder could never really understand why we would do dryvit; now it appears that there's a dryvit-type something-or-other that goes on kinda like stucco. Oh, and did I mention that that was cheaper?

Tom-builder is busy extolling the merits of this other substance: it's "better", any colour you want (you're not dependent on sand, water, cement issues), it won't mottle or fade, doesn't crack, it's a "polymer" - don'tcha know - and why in the world wouldn't we want "polymer"s when polymers are to be found? Who in their right mind would want stucco - of uneven colour, uncertain dry-back fade, cracking, weathering, etc.? Oh - and more expensive. . . . apparently, as Tom-builder has just discovered, to his dismay.

Well? We would.

That's sort of like asking 'why would you want a real wood floor - or door - when a polymer fiberglass facsimile of wood is available?'

I know, however, that there are people for whom that is a real-live question. We are just not one of them. . . . as we told T-b in the very beginning, when we did the stucco/dryvit smackdown.


Ah well, off to playground to mix up some finger paints! Wish me luck. . . .

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