Wednesday, February 4, 2009

snow and frosting

What's wrong with this picture?

Well, after the snow from last week went bye-bye (while I was in warmer climes m'self) I discovered yesterday that the front passenger wheel (which I thought was just hidden behind a mound of snow) was actually flat.

Real flat.

My aging vehicle took a trip via flat-bed to the local tire store. There, I learned that tires for my aging darling are not easy to come by. He now sports a new set of Yokahama's [Yoka-who's?!] as the best tires I was able easily to find in stock and not on special order and available in a month. Maybe. Yippee!

Meanwhile, this morning brought us more snow. And sun! If sun during rain is a sun shower, is sun during snow a sunfall? I like it: sunfall.

It's my birthday and it feels like Abba has sent some frosting for my cake. Very nice indeed. Thank you!

Here (below) is the song for the day - my new favorite. [Please ignore the very strange dancing woman in the hat] By the way, this is the same group I discovered when I was looking for the Christmas song "I Saw Three Ships" and posted here. Turns out that the guitarist is the same man who founded of Deep Purple (of Smoke on the Water fame). Ritchie Blackmore. I am not making this up.

Well, whatever. It's a beautiful song. Perfect for the day!


Jennifer said...

Well, happy birthday to you!
I hope you enjoyed your sunfall :-)

a simple yarn said...

Happy birthday (again) and may your tires always be inflated...