Friday, March 27, 2009

not yet. . . .

OK. We're several days into spring, but it hasn't officially sprung here at the greenwood.

Yes, I know it's foggy. But look closer: no daffodils.

Not really. Not yet.

Here's one that may pop in the next day or so.
Wait! What's that? Off in the distance?
Is that yellow? Daffodils?!
Sheesh. . . . just across the street - and everywhere else I look - the daffodils are out. Just not here. Just not yet.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of what's gotta be my favorite place in the whole world.We're here. We're waiting. . . .

[note to self: 200 daffodil bulbs don't go nearly as far as one would think. . . .]


Jennifer said...

You'd need 2000 with all the space you have.
Here's hoping that your daffodils wake up soon!

a simple yarn said...

Yep, lovely photo of your bench. The fog made for beautiful pics...too bad I didn't have a camera to hand!

Good for you for planting all those bulbs! It's on my list for this autumn...

For now, it's rearranging the plants already here and spreading out that pile of free mulch!

Joyful said...

Ah, but just 3 years or so, you'll be able dig and divide, then you'll have 500+ from that initial planting! That first multi-coloured one was a beaut. Did it come from The Works?