Monday, March 16, 2009

I have been remiss

Since the last post - the one about snow - the snow melted in 70 degree weather.

Thereafter, it snowed again, but didn't stick.

We've had a couple cold days, so have relished the last days of burning a fire in the fireplace before it really gets too warm. Meanwhile, a couple of updates:

The first gift plant? It survived the worst of the winter apparently evergreen. I had high hopes for spring blossoms but discovered this the other day:

It appears the deer have found it. And found it tasty.

It now has a little deer cage around it, but the damage may be done. . . .

Dratted deer!

Let's see. . . . in other news, the daffodils are coming up. This is a multi-purpose picture, showing (1) the snow gone, (2) daffodil greenings and (3) red marks and white flags - which leads to other news: the installation of an "invisible" fence for Luther. The red marks are Miss Utility powerline indicators; the white flags, the visual warning of the invisible fence location.

Here is the preliminary layout of the veggie garden. Yes, those are invisible fence markers behind the veggie garden. . . . what was I thinking?! In any event, a fence of some sort will have to around it, if only to keep the deer (if not Luther) out.

Speaking of Luther, here he is in his "I could go either way" pose. His favorite pose outdoors.
Here's a close up.
It also shows a strange feature of our boy Luther: he has two left ears. We call this his 'comb-over' look. He looks like this much of the time.

I know you are all wondering about the birthday toy, which I wrote about here.

Here it is today.
It's multiplying! Even though I keep throwing bits of it away.

Coming up next: the making of a fleece toy. Turquoise. Scissors, cutting and 4-strand braiding. Riveting stuff! Don't miss it. [teaser photo to the right, showing basic ingredients. . . .]

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Jennifer said...

I think I have a crush on Luther. What a handsome dude!
Good for you for making your own dog toys. If you tire of this I have a suggestion.
I bought one of these for my dogs:

It had stood up to two labradors as long as I don't let them chew on it. Great for playing fetch and for the requisite "shaking the life out of it" that canines tend to do.