Tuesday, March 31, 2009

big garden; little beginnings

The beginnings of a veggie garden are not particularly attractive. Especially with the makeshift fence having been knocked down by the wind. [I guess that answers our question as to whether it would keep deer out. . . .]

But look closer.Wee radishi. [yes, I know. "Radishes." But I like radishi better.]

Or are they carrots?

Impossible to tell at this very early stage with only the cotyledons* present.

Which reminds me of one of the early stories in my family lore: the time my mother dispatched my dad out into the garden for some basil leaves for the salad. "There are several plants just across from the porch door," she advised. Five minutes later, he was back, sans basil.

"Are you sure that's where they are?" he asked.

She stalked out and gestured towards several small plants. "Right there!" she said, and ripped off several leaves.

"I thought they looked a lot like pepper plants." he ventured.

"Not at all," she insisted, and offered him a leaf to taste. He made a face.

They ate "basil" leaves on their salad until the first small pepper formed on the basil bush. . . .

Anyway - here are the strahwrberries.More plants to come.
*the first leaves to appear in a germinating seed. Apparently pronounced KAY-tee-LAY-dn, although left to my own devices, I'd go with co-TIE-le-don. Rhymes with 'go! tie one on.'

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