Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The snow is still on the ground, barely, and through the trees I see the red of a huge timber truck loading up enormous sections of the road-side oak recently felled by the utility company. We were worried that a repeat of the 100-year snowfall from last year was about to make a repeat appearance this 101st year! But no. We got all the enjoyment of a snowfall with none of the work. I don't count wiping an inch of snow off my windshield as 'work' - especially when I didn't even have to do that; the king beat me to it!

No, I did not take snow pictures. There are still plenty from last year! (Just click - this link here and it'll all come back to you. . . .)

This is the first Christmas with a "grandchild". Meet wee Toto! [not his real name, to protect the poor innocent] He wasn't with us this Christmas, but we got to see pictures. He loved his Ravens jersey and promptly spit up on it. That's love - true love! He hasn't said much about this hat I made him, but his picture is making the rounds of the facebook community. Yoda-baby! Yes, I made it. From a pattern I worked out in my head and tried on Bear, as Toto stand-in. Meanwhile, I've just seen miniature versions for warming easter eggs, masquerading as wee bunnies!

Too cute.

Here's the link to a reference to Debbie Bliss' book The Knitter's Year, which contains the pattern. Toto will likely be festooned with a rabbit version come Easter. . . .

Poor kid.

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