Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the April fool

The first thing Lux Luther did on his very first day with us was to decapitate a peony blossom.

Unfortunately, we thought it was kind of cute, and laughed while he raced around with his pom-pom-peony. In short, we encouraged him.

It wasn't quite as funny when he started attacking the bush, and 'retrieving' blossoms like thrown tennis balls.

After a summer of intense flower-sensitivity-training and rehab, it seemed Luther was well on his way toward responsible canineship, in a live-and-let-live sort of dog/flower peaceful coexistence sort of way.

That ended today. He's had a serious brush with recidivism. No more Mr. Nice-guy! We have a floricidal maniac on our hands. . . .

He's decapitated one of the lovely double daffodils. Here: at least we can enjoy it for a while in photo-form - a little the worse for wear - nestled in the door knocker.
I regret to say that my language at the time does not bear repeating. We'll have to come up with a remedial training/disciplinary intervention protocol!

That, or else arm the fleurs. . . .


a simple yarn said...

Yes, what a nuisance. Our Dog-Rocket continues to chew on the house and deck...grr.

Jennifer said...

When Lucy was younger, we lived in a house where the previous residents had planted a lovely garden. It was all I could do to keep her out of it. I tried everything. Nothing worked.

I remember one time looking out the back window, to see my sweet girl standing in the middle of the yard with a gladiola in her mouth. Roots hanging out one side of her mouth, flower on the other. She was looking in the window at me, as if to make sure that I saw her. The game was on as soon as I came tearing out the back door trying to chase her down.

Damn dogs.
Can't live them.
Can't live without them.

Sorry for the long comment. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.