Wednesday, July 15, 2009

and. . . .??!

Whaddya do with these guys?

Besides arrange them in whimsical ducky poses?

Seriously - any hints?

No, these are from a friend's garden (although I believe the failed garden might be harboring a squash or two). . . . and no, I don't eat squash either. But hopefully the other greenwood inhabitants and visitors will!

Now. First things first. Do you peel 'em?

They sure are colourful!

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queen-mum said...

Tried to leave a message on your blog site, however it reported that it was out of order temporarily, and asked me to send a msg with some strange hiroglyphical symbols, which obviously my keyboard does not use. squash: wash them off, then slice crosswise into about 1/4" circles......yes, you can use the neck part, too. Slice up some onion and a garlic clove and saute for a bit, then toss squash in and saute until tender.....only takes a few minutes for these fresh ones. Sprinkle with parmesan or other grated cheese, S&P, and tear up some basil leaves or parsley and sprinkle over top.'ll be amazed how good they are.

Also, you can then also add some sliced zukes, and some eggplant either sliced or cubed depending on size, and then some tomato......and voila, ratatouille!

I also just take them and slice them lengthwise, in half......put them in a little casserole dish, sprinkle with olive oil, s&p, some herbs, maybe a dab of butter at the end, and pop in oven 350 deg. for just about 15 mins. Again, sprinkle with cheese when almost done. Yum. If they have too many seeds, take a teaspoon and just run it down and take away some of seeds......if this leaves a big hollow, you can then use some old bread that you grate or toss in the cuisinart, along with some onion and cheese, a little soft butter to bind it, and then use it as stuffing to mound in the hollow......this may take a little longer to cook.

S. likes a squash/zuke casserole whereby you just slice some onion, sq. and zukes....toss in buttered small casserole after you've drizzled some oil over mixture and added some s&p and herbs, and bake for about no longer than 1/2 hr. Just take it out when they get tender. Don't overcook....they get squishy.