Wednesday, July 8, 2009

moving indoors

As it's July, it should come as no surprise that it's hot outside. I take that back. It's not really all that hot - still below 90, which officially counts as HOT - but the sun has been out unrelentingly, and I stay out of the sun these days. That means I have a limited window of time in which I can be outside, unless I'm in the woods.

The good news: the house stays nice and cool, so far even when it's pretty scorching outside. We have yet to turn the air conditioning on! I simply close the windows that face towards the sun (and that's the front of the house - and the side, in the mornings) and put the fan on if there's no breeze. At night, the windows get opened again, and the cool temperatures cool the house off by morning.

That's one benefit of having slate floors and a conditioned crawlspace under the house. It's not quite the same blessing in winter. . . .

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