Friday, July 17, 2009

stash selections

We had dinner with dear friends last weekend, a beautiful evening, joint-project cooking, and an incredible setting:

on the water, with candles, fireflies, potted hibiscus trees in bloom and a table setting that looked like something out of House and Garden Magazine (although I said "Martha Stewart" when I complimented daughter J., which I'm not sure she appreciated. I meant it was thoughtfully beautiful, not that it was Martha-Stewart-fussy, which so many people take from any Martha reference. . . . but I like Martha! sorry.)

Anyway, all this leads to my having noticed: the table runner.

J. had put a gorgeous one on top of a lovely table cloth and I was just struck by how practical that is! And then I remembered this - a roll of yarn-dyed linen I am ashamed to think how long I've had, given to me by the queen-mum oh so many years ago (after she'd had it probably longer than she cared to think!)

It could stand a good ironing. But hey! After languishing in several countries in trunks and assorted linen closets, I didn't want waste any more time by just moving it into the ironing pile. . . . who knows when it would see the light of day again?!

I am advised (as I recall) that this was the standard source of dishtowels in years gone by - one merely cut off the desired length and hemmed it.

I've got another roll just like this one that's destined for the portico. With an orange and yellow stripe. To run right down the middle of the tablecloth out there. Thanks J! What a great idea. I'm so glad to have finally found a good use for some gorgeous vintage fabric from my 'stash.'

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