Friday, November 30, 2007

comments generally

Ok - so I've checked it out, and you don't have to sign up or anything in order to leave comments, ask questions, tell jokes, say "Hi!" and/or other tomfoolery and general dialogue.

You can do so 'anonymously' - although I'd prefer a consistent name of some sort - and the "comment moderation" is there because apparently if you don't do that, you can get unpleasant people and/or junk mail comments (?!) which rather surprised me. . . .

But at present, there are NO COMMENTS and I have to ask myself how I have managed to render you all speechless!

All I can think is that no one wants to be first. I'll post this, and leave the first comment!

(Plus which, I'll take the "comment moderation" off, in case that's an inhibitor. [I'll put it back on if we start getting wierdos. . . .])

There! Better now?


Anonymous said...

testing. . . .
testing. . . .
testing. . . .

There. It works. See?

queenie said...

. . . . and now, posting under my 'nickname'!

Still works.

Oh, and I wanted to ask: should I change my posting name to 'queenie', do you think, just so there can be no mistake about whether I'm taking myself just a little too seriously?

[hmmm. . . .is that a double negative? I think so. So that means I do take myself too seriously. Wait a minute! Oh forget it. . . .]

joyful said...

I think the small case q will be the tip off that you're not taking yourself seriously.....since everyone knows that the upper case q refers to me, otherwise known as QOTW (with the exception of Poland which I gave to Jane T years, and years ago.

aka, Queen of the World

queenie said...

yay!!! the first 'official' comment!

I don't know how to act. This is great!

(thanks Mom. . . . giggle)