Tuesday, March 11, 2008

this and that

The cupola survived the next cut. Here it is. Ready to go.Almost ready to go. . . . First, the weathervane has to go up. I had a picture of Tom-builder putting it together, but it's a terrible picture of Tom-builder. I can't do that to him. Anyway, here's a picture of Randy - looking on in approval - after Tom-builder assembled the weathervane and put on top.Much discussion ensued as to how to determine true North.

Here's Tom-builder and supervisor-Al discussing it.And here, the tower. Resplendent in the roofing shingles, just like Jack-dog promised.

Meeting onsite with stucco-man and Scott-kitchenguy.

Oh - and I get to see the concrete [finally!] poured in Houndstooth studio! Yay!!!

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