Wednesday, March 12, 2008

windows, doors and other niceties

Walking up to the house this morning to meet with Scott-kitchenguy, stucco-man, and the wood beam fabricator, we saw new developments right away. French doors!

Also, the concrete was poured yesterday - to wit: the studio floor.

In fact, all of the windows are here, as are the doors! All stacked up, ready to go in.

More plan consultations - under a close up of the front french door - as the little dormer box windows are wrong.

Randy has put this little box window in - now - at least 3 different times, 3 different ways.

On the left: the first attempt at the box windows. To the right: the approved box window. After all the machinations and different configurations, I'm not sure which one I really like at this point! Ah - but Randy is pleased to have this over and done with. Finally.

Tomorrow, a goodly portion of the other windows ought to be in.

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