Tuesday, March 18, 2008

not so much

The fireplace is coming along. Slowly.All work has stopped on the library fireplace. The living room one has the full-time attention of some 4 or 5 men.
Here are three of them. Outside, one guy has the full-time job of mixing up concrete and swapping out the concrete tubs using this big orange vehicle. He drives it right up to the dining room door, drops off the fresh tub and picks up the emptied one. You want to stand upwind of this vehicle. . . . I got a disorienting whiff of diesel taking this shot.Meanwhile, there are signs of life in the guest house.Still no steps up, but they're framing out the room, and we took advantage of a convenient ladder to get our first glimpse of the place!This is where one of the window seats is going. It should be a nice perch, overlooking the courtyard.

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