Monday, March 10, 2008

tower time-lapse

Jack brought a full crew today. He's taking it easy - as you can see - but the rest of the guys are hard at work.
Here's the tower. He's assured me the guys will shortly transform it.
Right. So here they go!
It's amazing how they walk around up there. Here, they're putting on the moisture barrier.
I'm liking it.

Almost done. . . .
Wow! That dog Jack's the best. Tomorrow, he thinks we'll actually have the shingles on, concrete slab poured, and - wait for it - maybe the cupola up.

Because the cupola's another story. . . .
Measure twice - cut once - measure again, consult owner, make more marks, decide to cut tomorrow. . . .

I like the little roof mock-up. We'll see what happens with the final cuts tomorrow.

Thanks, Jack! See you in the morning. Mwah! xoxoxo

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