Monday, April 7, 2008

foreign critters

We met a lot of critters on our recent travels.

This little lamb hopes to grow up to a big guy like this one day.

Meanwhile, three adolescents take a bit of a rest. . . .before further kicking up their heels!"C'mon mom! I can keep up with the big boys. . . . I can!
I wanna kick up
my heels, I do. . . . Puh-leeeeeeze?!"
Now here's an interesting fauna amidst the flora.Don't recognize it? Here. This will help.
Speaking of felines, here's an excellent common lap cat specimen.
And this? The very rare country walking cat.
Now here's a dangerous-looking fellow.
Let's go a little closer.Just as I suspected! A loveable lout of a larcenous beast: Lex Luthor - thief extraordinaire. He swiped golf balls, jackets, gloves, a Wellington boot, and who knows what else. This particular tennis ball was not stolen, but our brazen attempt to bribe him to abandon his life of crime.I have high hopes for his prospects.

P.S. - I guess fish are critters, too. Here's one that didn't get away.

Don't fret - he was thrown back! In time to swim away and be caught again another day.

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