Tuesday, April 8, 2008

what a difference a day makes!

They started with the stone today. This is Dave, Larry, Bill and (in the background) Tom-builder looking everything over.The masons working on the stone seem to be real craftsmen. There's Doc, Bill, Dave, and Alex. In the picture below is Alex [left] and Dave [right]. They use a stone saw, chisel, and hammer to help fine-shape the rocks. It takes a long time. First, they select a rock. Then they look to see where it might go. Then there's the shaping and the trying it out in its place. Sometimes the rock is put aside and another selected, instead. Small pieces are in a container and used for wedges in between the big rocks. It's amazing to watch.Here's the side Doc and Bill have been working on. You can tell they're a bit more into the 'mostly square, mostly rectangular' shapes.Also today: John and the lads finished Hound's Tooth studio's chimney. Looks nice.Inside, the framing is almost done.I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Oh, here's our across-the-street neighbor's entrance. Pretty, isn't it? It's easy to see why so many people fell in love with Bradford pear trees. . . .I'm having such a hard time not going out and buying everything in sight for my garden! We're going to try and content ourselves this growing season with the fig tree acquisition 2 weeks ago. We've named him Figaro.

He'll merit a photo when he produces a leaf.

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